9TH – 11TH DECEMBER 2019


NDLI-UNESCO International Symposium on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design (KEDL 2019)

NDLI-UNESCO International Symposium on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design (KEDL 2019) Chairs and Moderators
9th December 2019
8:30AM-9:30AM Registration Registration Desk
9:30AM-11:00AM Inauguration
11:00AM-11:30AM TEA BREAK
11:30AM-11:45AM KEDL Program Overview Plaban Kumar Bhowmick David Bainbridge
11:45AM-12:15PM National Digital Library of India Partha Pratim Das
12:15PM-1:00PM Text Mining Techniques in Digital Libraries Prasenjit Mitra
2:00PM-3:00PM Europeana Driving Digital Transformation Harry Verwayen R K Chaddha
3:00PM-4:00PM Experience Session 1: Outreach Programs of Digital Libraries Moderator: Lisa Petrides
Partha Pratim Das (NDLI), Harry Verwayen (Europeana), Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam (Bangladesh), Enno Meijers (NLN)
4:20PM-5:00PM Introductory Note: Legal Aspects of NDLI

Intellectual Property Rights Challenges for the Networking of Libraries, Information and
Knowledge Centres

Partha Pratim Das

Prabuddha Ganguli

Prasenjit Mitra
5:00PM-5:40PM The World Digital Library: Lessons Learned and (Most Likely) Not Learned John Van Oudenaren
5:40PM-6:00PM Flash Talks for Students’ Poster Competition Plaban Kumar Bhowmick
10th December 2019 – Breakaway Sessions
Time Session Theme Session Venue
9:00AM-1:00PM Student Poster Competition Red Square, IIT Delhi
Challenges and Approaches of Library Professionals in the Era of Digital Library Seminar Hall, IIT Delhi
Strengthening SAARC through Digital Heritage UNESCO
2:00PM-2:40PM DBpedia and the Custody of Linked Open Data Sebastian Hellmann A R D Prasad
2:40PM-3:20PM Building a More Inclusive Global Heritage Web with Wikimedia Ben Vershbow
3:20PM-4:00PM Open & Contribution: Trends in Digital Libraries’ Engagement with Online Community Liam Wyatt
4:20PM-5:00PM Building the Dutch Digital Heritage Network Enno Meijers Paul D Clough
5:00PM-5:40PM Place Vs. Space in Authority Data: Enhancing Library Retrieval thorugh Geodetic Search Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay
5:40PM-6:00PM Social Media Integration of Digital Libraries Greg Cram
7:00PM-8:00PM An Evening of Melody
By Dr. B. Sutradhar
Accompanied by Tabla: Debasish Seal, Guitar: Pratik Sengupta, Keyboard: Sudipto Sankar Basu, and Octapad: Rajendar Prasad
8:00PM-9:30PM DINNER
11th December 2019
9:00AM-9:40AM Repertoires for Archives: Reperforming Histories Sarah Kenderdine Ramesh C Gaur
9:40AM-10:20AM Digital Reconstruction of the Architectural Evolution of Indic Temples across South-East Asia Sambit Datta
10:20AM-10:55AM Digital Preservation Santanu Chaudhury
10:55AM-11:15AM TEA BREAK
11:15AM-11:50AM A Musical Progression with Greenstone: How Content Analysis and Linked Data is Helping Redefine Digital Library Software Architecture David Bainbridge Plaban Kumar Bhowmick
11:50AM-12:30PM Scholarly Knowledge Graph Prasenjit Mitra
12:30PM-1:10PM Algorithmic Bias, Transperency and Fairness: What is it, Why Does it Matter and What’s being Done about it? Paul D Clough
2:00PM-2:30PM Recognition and Retrieval of Documents in Indian Scripts C V Jawahar Anupam Basu
2:30PM-3:15PM OER Commons: Accelerating the Adoption of Open, Adaptive, and Collaborative Education Lisa Petrides
3:15PM-4:15PM Experience Session 2:
Evaluation of Digital Libraries
Moderator: Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay
Plaban Kumar Bhowmick (NDLI), Liam Wyatt (Europeana), Parameswaran N (MHRD), Mary Ochs
4:15PM-5:00PM Concluding Session:
Student Poster Award
Technical Roundup: Program Co-Chairs
Vote of Thanks: B Sutradhar and Neeraj Chaurasia
Partha Pratim Das
10th December 2019 – UNESCO Breakaway Session
Strengthening SAARC through Digital Heritage
09.30AM-09.45AM Welcome Remarks Hezekiel Dlamini
09.45AM-10.30AM Keynote: Digital Heritage to Strengthen SAARC – An Initiative for New Age Cooperation by UNESCO and NDLI Partha Pratim Das Ben Vershbow
10.30AM-11:00AM Tea/Coffee Break
11:00AM -11:45AM Panel Discussion: The State-of-the-Art in Digital Heritage and its Role in Strengthening SAARC
Moderator: Ramesh C Gaur
Md. Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh)
Aminath Shiuna (Maldives)
Saubhagya Pradhananga (Nepal)
Udaya Cabral (Sri Lanka)
Dilara Begum (Bangladesh)
Partha Pratim Das (India)
11:45AM-12:15PM Open Question & Answer session facilitated by the moderator
12:15PM-12:30PM Summarization and Action Plans by UNESCO / NDLI for SAARC Digital Heritage Platform Hezekiel Dlamini and Partha Pratim Das
10th December 2019 – IIT Delhi Breakaway Session
Challenges and Approaches of Library professionals in the Era of Digital Library
09.30AM-11:00AM Topical Presentations Ramesh Gaur R K Sharma
K K Bhattacharjee
Sandeep Kumar Pathak
Sangeeta Kaul
P K Jain
Parveen Babbar
Vijay Kumar Verma
11:00AM-11:20AM TEA BREAK
11.20AM-12:30PM Panel Discussion: Towards a Digital Library: by the Communities and for the Communities
Moderator: T S Kumbar
B Sutradhar
C Jayakumar
M N Jadhav
Nabi Hasan
Bibhuti B Sahoo
Anjali Bandiwadekar
Manju Naik
12:30PM-12:45PM Open Question & Answer session facilitated by the moderator
12:45PM-13:00PM Summarization and Action Plans R K Sharma and Nabi Hasan